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About Us

Experienced In World-wide Logistic Services

Mus Trading USA is an emerging business solutions enterprise catering to the needs of global brands, importers and retail market of consumer goods. We place the highest value to every sourcing project and with our diverse linkages with global suppliers, our sourcing team makes sure a tailor made link is developed based on fair industry best practices. At Mus Trading, we index and shortlist only the most reputable, reliable and fair manufacturers and suppliers that have passed our stringent in-house verification process. Before placing an order with a new manufacturer, it is important to ensure that the supplier has adequate production capability, machinery, staff training, on job supervision, working conditions, management systems and in-house quality control practices and processes. Our sourcing teams make sure that the volume of production does not hurt the quality, and each item conforms to the specified quality standards.
Often time, customers place their trust on pictures from the supplier website or a glittering brochure, but the products that arrive are quite different in quality from the advertisements. This is the gap we fill. Our dedicated product sourcing teams work round the clock to verify and cross verify manufacturers across stringent quality control standards. When we recommend suppliers to our affiliates and customers, they know that they can trust our service! Our customers save valuable time in outsourcing their needs to us and invest in other business development avenues!

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To provide enterprise intelligence solutions that propel the businesses that collaborate with us to new levels of success. At Mus trading, we value our associates’ time and take service as a privilege. We pride ourselves in service quality and management.


To engage a professional team of experts, empower and facilitate them to deliver exceptional customer services, solutions and in-time consulting in order to maximize client satisfaction and revenues. Our teams work in a winning environment where we achieve business results while balancing the personal pursuit of family time, spiritual growth and physical well-being.


Mus Trading provides operates in the B2B environment, providing out of the box intelligent solutions tailor made for your business and operations starting from running analytics to identify a suitable supplier in China for your business line to shipping your product anywhere in the world. Our teams make sure that the manufacturers and mega factories are highly rated for their product quality, the prices are competitive and products are inspected at source before they are shipped out. With an extremely robust and well connected network with vendors of all sorts, experts at Mus Trading ensure that your products are exactly as you desire and match specifically to your quality standards and protocols. The downside of bulk production is that quality is often compromised and often overlooked. The products once they reach the warehouses, cannot be shipped back without additional costs and productive time loss. We make sure this never happens by running intensive stage wise inspections.

With best in class service and critical, time-saving business intelligence, Mus Trading USA is the go-to partner for all your enterprise needs and product lines!
One stop solution for you

As your dedicated agents, we act as your eyes and your ears in China. Our people know the local markets, trends, prices and priorities. In order for us to bring to you a well negotiated winning deal, our teams actively scout and lock prospective suppliers. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy your peace of mind with us on the hunt!

Use our experience in business facilitation in China to your advantage

Instead of starting from scratch, our experienced teams provide you with critical business insights owing to our experiences in dealings in China. Our experts will be available round the clock to answer your queries and develop strategies that contribute to your success!

Trouble and quick service

Once you knock on our door, we take up your business case and make it ours. Owing to our dedicated teams, we make sure that you do not need to get involved in any administrative paperwork, we do that on your behalf. Our service delivery is what we take pride in, the speed and accuracy of our supply chain is exceptional!

Enterprise sustainability and scalability

Our teams collaborate to provide winning results for enterprise level sustainability; we value our customer’s growth and provide consulting services for scaling businesses vertically or horizontally. In a nutshell, we’ve got you covered!

Enabling international brands under one roof

We envision a unified enterprise level strategy, we intend on bring all labels under one roof. Intense collaboration, effective communication and optimized resource allocation results our clients to reliably channel their business activities through us. We make sure that only the best vendors pass through our filters and our clients can get any product they want for their customers!

Our Domain – Worldwide

Where do we operate? Everywhere! You name it, we can do it. We provide shipping services to virtually anywhere in the world. We act as a bridge on your behalf, choose the right products and ship them to your customers, making your tasks easier!

Highest satisfaction, in-time communication

Our surveys indicate that 98% our customers are extremely satisfied with our services. Our team communication response stands at an astounding 100%. Our customers place their trust where it is valued and gives the best output for their business needs. We make sure they are never disappointed!

Highest quality control factor

One of our key takeaway – our firm has the best quality control strategy. We don’t just promise, we actually do it on ground. With a dual verification inspection process, we make absolutely sure that our customers are getting exactly what they are paying for and that at the most reasonable rates!

Our containers are leaving Chinese ports every day

With a massive volume of activity, our teams are collaborating and creating value for clients every day. A multitude of our containers leave the Chinese ports every day to put a satisfactory smile on our partner’s faces, and that is exactly what every member of our team strives for!

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We have a professional and experienced team that will handle all your 3PL logistics and shipments from/to China. Our expertise and commitment to our customers have proved to be fruitful over the years. We now operate with more than 150+ partners and affiliates who share our vision and make sure that every customer is satisfied

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